Roun'Table, Inc.

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We are a non-profit organization who's mission is to provide a safe environment to promote recovery and learning in the Louisville and surrounding areas. Through fostering a family-like environment, we strive to inspire life-long recovery, learning, and healing by strengthening our communities. Our goal is to bridge the gap between addictive and self-destructive behaviors to becoming responsible and productive members of society.
With the rapidly growing problem addiction is causing in our community, we believe we can provide a critical, missing piece to the recovery solution. Our team has the ability, the passion, and the experience to shift the lives of people struggling with addiction. It is rare that anyone doesn't know at least one person close to them affected by the disease of addiction. The face of recovery is shifting from remaining anonymous to employing the entire community, as it is the entire community that is affected. It takes a village, and we want to build it with your help. Please help us in restoring our families, our neighborhoods, and our communities- all by helping each other recover.